Free Nokia DCT4 Code Calculator

The majority of free Nokia mobile phone code calculators you find online are old and outdated. These older Nokia mobile phone code calculators generate 7 codes and give no code-entry instructions. Most Nokia mobile phones will allow only 5 code entry attempts and some will allow only 3! Our free Nokia mobile phone code calculator generates only the one correct code you need instantly along with full, detailed code entry instructions! Simply select your Nokia mobile phone model and original network, then enter the phones IMEI number below and click on 'Calculate' to generate your free Nokia mobile phone unlock code instantly!

NEW NOKIA (3310 3G, 8110 4G, Nokia 1, Nokia 5, Nokia 7 etc.)? GET YOUR UNLOCK CODE HERE.

!!! Important Note !!!

Check the label under the battery of your Nokia mobile phone for the correct Nokia Model and Type!

   ?Power on the phone without a SIM and type *#06# to get the IMEI - Numbers Only - e.g. 345345345345345

Make, Model & Type:

   ?You will find the exact model and type details on the label located under the phone battery

Original Network:

   ?Select the network from which the phone originated, NOT the network you wish to use after unlocking

Terms of Service - You use this free Nokia code calculator at your own risk. We offer no warranty, guarantee or support to users of this free code calculator. We does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from the use of this free code calculator. If you proceed to generate a free code using this free service, you accept these terms of service in full.

I have read and accept in full the Terms of Service above.

Captcha Code

   ?Verify you are human by entering the four digit number shown in the blue box..


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