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Mon, 12 Nov 2018, 22:04
Bekezela Nleya from Stoke on Trent said...

Thank you so much I just unlocked my phone waaaw this is amazing

Sun, 11 Nov 2018, 06:19
francis from manchester said...

What a joke waited for 24hrs email after email the a refund in my account without a proper explanation why you failed to supply a LGphone on ee. any got it done within 5 minutes with somewhre. thanks for wasting my day

Admin Response: We are very sorry you are disappointed with the outcome of your request. We did in fact issue a full refund, and along with the refund an explanation that our supplier was unable to source an unlock code for your device on this occasion. We are very pleased you managed to obtain an unlock code for your LG device from another supplier.

Thu, 25 Oct 2018, 16:19
Christian Scott-Lee from Blackpool said...

Awsome service. Code supplied worked first time. Forget the High Street. Unlocks, cheaper by far.

Wed, 24 Oct 2018, 00:06
Phillip Martin from Sheffield said...

Wow! How quick and easy was that! Cheap way to unlock a phone. I can now use my cheap phone for when I go out on my mountain bike and not worry about what happens to it all thanks unlocking it. Thanks yay.png

Sat, 29 Sep 2018, 16:36
mr daley from uk said...

i'm very happy with the service it was very quick and the instruction were easy to follow @ a great price yay.png

Tue, 25 Sep 2018, 22:55
Jim Foster from Jim Foster said...

Very good service, easy peasy

Tue, 25 Sep 2018, 19:57
karl otter from nottingham said...

great service code came straight away

Fri, 21 Sep 2018, 21:52
John from Colchester said...

painless and inexpensive service which worked quickly and accurately

Wed, 19 Sep 2018, 19:24
John from United Kingdom said...

Really easy with good instructions. Worked 1st time on my old Blackberry (locked to Orange). Excellent service at a really great price. Delighted! yay.png

Fri, 14 Sep 2018, 12:56
Jasmine from Midlands, UK said...

Old phone broke so I got a new one from Tesco while my EE contract was still going and knew it would be waste to start paying for their network. Was dubious about the online service but the second code they gave me worked! Saved me so much money on network charges, thank you!! yay.png

Sun, 09 Sep 2018, 20:08
graham from west midlands said...

great service ,easy to follow would recommend cool.png yay.png

Thu, 06 Sep 2018, 16:16
Robert from Northumberland said...

Being a technophobe I was a bit unsure trying to do this but it was as easy as the instructions provided and a bargain price at that! yay.png

Sat, 01 Sep 2018, 19:31
Lizzie Crumlish from USA said...

Excellent thank you. Wasn't quite as easy as expected we had to put phone into factory reset then it worked.

Mon, 27 Aug 2018, 10:43
Charles from Uk said...

Emailed unlocking codes within 2 minutes. yay.png

Mon, 27 Aug 2018, 10:23
Liz from Germany said...

Bought a dumbphone a while back to make international calls, then broke my smartphone but wanted to receive calls(!). Dumbphone is now unlocked and working fine grin.png

Sun, 26 Aug 2018, 20:22
dimitry beauge from brazil said...

firstly i am mobile repairer, i used many box like sigma box, nck box , miracle and many ways to try to unlock a customer zte A460 cell phone but i could not, the only way was by buying in unlock code with this team on this website. thanks alot helping me satisfy my client

Fri, 17 Aug 2018, 11:43
Jane from UK said...

Worked like magic - thank you.

Wed, 15 Aug 2018, 22:11
Edward from High Wycombe said...

Great stuff, got my code the same evening, entered it into my new phone wtih my sim and hey presto! smile.png

Mon, 06 Aug 2018, 21:44
Nafuna from Nairobi said...

I was unlocking my father's phone. He was very skeptical about it because he had tried other websites before. But after making the payment the code came as expected and after following the given instructions the phone was unlocked immediately... Will definitely be using this site again. sealed.png

Thu, 02 Aug 2018, 19:05
G stock from Colchester said...

That was so easy, thanks

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